Interleague season 2022

Congratulations to all Interleague players who represented the club this year, following SICG's promotion to Division 1.  Achieving promotion is of course a great achievement in itself, but having managed successive promotions last year and also now in 2022 signifies a truly a fantastic performance. Today's team (pictured here) battled against formidable opponents, to draw against the newly crowned champions, Vilamoura, and secure second place in the division. As a result, the runners-up spot secures promotion to the top division. The consistently good performances over the entire season reflect extremely well on every single player who played for the team. On behalf of the club, it is my pleasure and privilege to convey sincere thanks to everyone involved in what has been a tremendous team effort to achieve such success.

While SICG as a club has backed the Interleague team, the influence of Team Captain, Lars, cannot be understated. A calm, respectful approach, along with a determined will to win, has characterised his captaincy. By responding so positively to his leadership, the success achieved by the players representing SICG may be celebrated by every member of our club. Similarly, it is entirely appropriate to acknowledge the overall input of this year’s club Captain, Brendan, whose ongoing support, including the appointment of Lars as team captain, has also contributed significantly to this year’s Interleague success. 

Finally, therefore, I am delighted to reiterate on your behalf our sincere congratulations to the entire Interleague squad on the having secured back-to-back promotions, a truly fantastic achievement. Well done, all!

Thomas Callan

SICG President