Nordic Day 2022

Those of us participating in this year’s Nordic Day golf at Silves were privileged to have enjoyed another fantastic, SICG experience. The tremendous organisation of our Scandinavian members ensured a day to remember for the 67 players. Naturally, everyone was welcomed at the 1st tee with not only friendly Finnish and Swedish greetings, but also the offer of traditional spirits. Similarly, at the 10th, yet more Nordic hospitality was available, with Nordic delicacies, accompanied by a choice of refreshing liquids. Apparently, fired up with (let’s just say, ‘enthusiasm’) the efforts to land golf balls nearest to the line on the 10th fairway, were inspired by the liquids, albeit the results of many efforts being more than slightly ‘off-line’ ..! Nevertheless, well done to Agneta Torgardh, and Brian Langham for placing drives closest to the line, and claiming the respective Ladies and Gents awards! 


Terri & Tom


Janice & Brian




Tuula & Villematti

 After golf, no fewer than 68 members and guests enjoyed a great afternoon at Restaurante Recanto dos Mouros, in Silves. A few golfers were unable to attend, but our guests swelled the number to 68, in total! Bedecked in Nordic blue, white, and yellow, the restaurant was a terrific setting for the occasion which was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Sumptuous food, and lashings of various beverages, contributed to the friendly, carnival-type, atmosphere. Following the meal, tension mounted as the prize giving ceremony beckoned; and, in reverse order, results were as follows: 5th - Per-Lars Tonstad/Jan Daapan (44); 4th – Asa Hedman/Thomas Hornfeldt (44); 3rd – Ove Flenhagen/Steve Etherington (45); 2nd – Janice & Brian Langham (47); 1st – Terry & Tom Brady (48). Congratulations to all on the awards’ podium, and especially to the Nordic Day, 2022 winners: Terry and Tom!  

A lottery was staged immediately after the awards ceremony, with lots, and lots, and lots of prizes on offer, it seemed that everyone was a winner, including the charity that benefited from the proceeds. Certainly, due to the privilege of participating in such a memorable SICG event, everyone whether receiving prizes or not, was indeed a winner. As a result, we are indebted to our Nordic members for their tremendous input in providing such a day. It is my pleasure, therefore, on behalf of all SICG members to convey both congratulations and sincere thanks to all involved in staging the event: Kiltos! & Tack! 

Warm regards

Thomas Callan

SICG President 

Nordic Day 24.10.2022

We 14 Finns at SICG started preparations for Nordic Day 6 months before the actual H-moment.

We gathered in Monchique for a planning meeting. Together, we planned the whole day and made the decisions. We divided the tasks and prepared shopping lists of what everyone brings from Finland for the day; catering, prizes and raffle prizes.

We spent almost all of the summer in Finland and when autumn came, we started to return to the Portuguese greens, each in turn. Everyone had a package with them for Nordic Day. Heli weaved socks for prizes, Katriina for club covers. Everyone prepared in their own sector, in their own way. We baked Karelian pies and tiger cake, designed the menu and translated the food recipes into Portuguese for the kitchen of Restaurant Recanto. And then, after the game, we hurried to decorate the dining room with blue-white-yellow decorations.

Everything was ready when our golf buddies from different countries arrived for lunch. In addition to us Finns, there were Swedes, English, Irish, Scots, Germans, Swiss Hermann..... Nisse gave a welcome speech and then lunch began "in Finnish style": salmon soup as a starter, "Finnish wild turkey" with mashed potatoes and salad as the main course, and pancake with Finnish strawberry jam and ice cream ball for dessert.  Then it was time for the awards to be handed out.

The first three were given a "Finnish delicacy basket". Closer to the line awards were wool socks – winter is coming. Then the lottery began. 200 tickets were sold in a flash. The winnings were agreed to be handed over to Captain Brendan's charity. Many received awards. One award to mention was the one donated by Don and Ruth Simpson. Thanks to them! 

It was great to get together to enjoy the wonderful food, each other and small surprises. Thank you to all our golf friends, thank you to us Finns and those who helped us!