Slow Play Advice


To enable the competition to run smoothly slow play should be avoided wherever possible. The chart on the Notice Board gives an indication of how long it should take to play each hole. Please endeavour to follow these timings both for your enjoyment and everyone else in the competition.

The following suggestions should enable you to achieve this.

On the Course

• All players must maintain their place in the field, which is immediately behind the group in front and not ahead of the group behind. This is a group responsibility and not an individual one. All players should be proactive in addressing the slow play problem

• Should your group fall a clear hole behind and it is delaying the group behind please invite the group behind to play through.

• No more than three minutes is allowed to search for a ball. If you can’t find your ball in 3 minutes you must proceed by enforcing the golf rules governing the conditions under which your ball was lost. If more than one ball needs to be found, split up and search for all the balls at the same time.

• If you hit a ball that you think may be hard to find, or it may be out of bounds, please hit a provisional ball

• Go to your ball and get ready to hit your next shot as soon as it is feasible; i.e., not impeding another player’s shot or endangering yourself. Don’t always wait for your partner to play before going to your ball.

• Walk briskly between shots and leave your golf bag, or cart strategically placed to side of the green nearest to the next tee.

On the Green

• When you reach the green, move to your ball and repair any pitch marks. Where possible, line up your putt prior to your turn to putt.

• If your ball needs to be marked, do it as quickly as you can. Anticipate the requirements of your fellow player. Move back and line up your putt.

• If you are unable to score pick up your ball.

• Players should proceed to the next tee without delay. The following group should be waiting to play their approach shots, so the path taken to the next tee should be borne in mind.

Marking Cards

Cards should be marked as quickly as possible after completing the hole, but it is best to mark the cards at the next tee. Please mark your card when it is not your turn to play and remember, at all times your place in the field is immediately behind the group in front and not in front of the group behind.


1                4           14 minutes
2                4           13 minutes
3                3           12 minutes
4                5           18 minutes
5                3           14 minutes
6                5           18 minutes
7                4           14 minutes
8                3           13 minutes
9                4           14 minutes
Sub Total   35        2:10 hours

10              4           14 minutes
11              3           13 minutes
12              5           18 minutes
13              3           12 minutes
14              4           15 minutes
15              3           12 minutes
16              5           17 minutes
17              4           14 minutes
18              4            15 minutes
Sub Total   35       2:10 hours

Total          70      4:20 hours